Your Impact in Action

FOV’s programs

  1. Have served nearly 800 youth, ages 5 to 25, in Massachusetts, at no charge to participants. Each has derived some, if not all, of the benefits listed on this page.

  2. Cultivate mindfulness in youth by creating more opportunities for self-discovery through self-expression, respectful discussion, and by emphasizing process over outcomes.

  3. Are in demand: additional classes have been requested by 100 percent of the schools, organizations, and youth facilities that have partnered with FOV.

  4. Work and have a proven track record with classroom teachers who value them as enhancing their social emotional learning curriculum.

  5. Introduce children to the idea that within oneself, tools exist to develop strategies on how to respond to whatever life puts in one’s path; an important endeavor to lessen the likelihood that they would grow up and choose anger, frustration, and violence over grace, kindness, and compassion.

  6. Expose youth to the possibility of seeking joy, a sense of self-worth, and compassion as opposed to bitterness, frustration, or rage. Our belief is that our programs’ teachings will help participants develop into adults who are more thoughtful, kinder, and caring, which then enables them to express emotions in a positive, constructive manner, and to share those emotions with others.

  7. Help youth increase their self-awareness as demonstrated by their writing and verbal expression at the end of "Snapshots of Joy" as compared to its onset, with a wider range of appropriate vocabulary.

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