Self-Discovery through


Our programs are designed to give youth, ages 4 to 26, voice through artistic expression. The unique aspect of our classes is that the focus is on the creative process rather than product; not only the individual mechanical and artistic steps, but also—and more importantly—the accompanying emotional reactions, among them: uncertainty, anticipation, anxiety, relief, disappointment, or joy. Students are guided in discussions exploring their innermost thoughts and feelings, the choices they could make about their reactions, and how they communicate with their fellow students. The goal of both programs is to show students the possibility of seeking joy, a sense of self-worth, and compassion as opposed to bitterness, anger, or frustration. Our belief is that our programs’ teachings will help participants develop into adults who are more thoughtful, kinder, and caring, which then enables them to express emotions in a positive, constructive manner, and to share those emotions with others.

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