Felting to relax


In FOV’s newest program, Felting to Relax, students will learn the art of felt making, a tradition considered to be the oldest known form of textile. Experimenting with wet felting, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to effectively choose patience and relaxation over frustration and anger, as they face the challenges of learning how to turn loose fibers into a three-dimensional object. Through the repetitive nature of wet felting, students will gain a sense of ease as they creatively problem solve and work together in order build an original work of art conveying their artistic vision. We encourage them to share problems and talk out frustrations, building an environment that fosters respect and awe for each other’s ideas and opinions. Once their projects are complete, students will take the time to reflect and write artist statements explaining the process, their experiences with a new material, how it made them feel when faced with unexpected challenges, and the choices they made to solve those challenges. Through our time together participants will have created a supportive space for sharing and will be asked to present their projects and writings to the class.

Purpose: Social Emotional Learning

Students learn:

  • The coolness of where wool comes from both for animals and us—it’s fun!

  • How to take wool and make fun felt shapes

  • To explore, discuss, and write about their emotions, how they felt during the process


  • Minimum 10 students, maximum 20 students

  • Runs for one-hour sessions for four-successive weeks

  • Tables for cold water/texture mat stations

  • Four felt/weigh stations

  • Hot water stations


  • No costs for participating organizations and their students


  • After school programs

  • Recreation programs

  • Schools during the academic day