About Us


2019 has been a busy year with more than 350 children participating in FOV programs already; more than 200 of them in July, alone! We are busy planning our fall schedule and welcome introductions to new partners and venues interested in social-emotional programming, at no cost, for the children they serve. Contact our program director today.


Giving Youth Voice Through Artistic Expression


Finding One's Voice provides opportunities for youth to create works of visual art and writing to express ideas, feelings, and beliefs in a constructive manner. The focus is on process rather than product. FOV empowers youth to seek balance and a sense of well-being, and to cultivate grace, kindness, and compassion.


Finding One’s Voice, Inc. (FOV) was inspired by the sudden and senseless death of Ann Beach’s oldest daughter, Victoria , in 2014. The fact that Victoria was an artist and writer helped guide Ann to FOV’s mission: to give youth voice through artistic expression. Developing programs that gave youth the opportunity for self-discovery through self-expression allowed Ann to find a way to keep Victoria’s attributes alive and to introduce children to the idea that within oneself, tools exist to develop strategies on how to respond to whatever life puts in one’s path; an important endeavor to lessen the likelihood other children would grow up and choose anger, frustration, and violence over grace, kindness, and compassion.

FOV was granted 501(c)(3) status in October of 2015 by the IRS.