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MAY 14, 2019

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"Snapshots of Joy" is designed to allow young people to explore what brings them joy, with the aid of photography. As the children take pictures of what makes them happy, they embark on an inner  journey of self-exploration. Through uncovering and examining their emotions, they begin to find their voice artistically. Using disposable cameras slows down the results and puts the focus on process, with lessons to be learned as they wait for the pictures to be developed, as well as the surprise of the imagery. Feelings around both expectation (what they envision) and result (what they get) are explored in writing, and then shared orally with classmates. The program lays a foundation on which students can build confidence and the internal fortitude to choose grace, kindness, and compassion as they lead their lives.



Grade 5

 My picture is of my bookshelf. I chose this picture because I love to read. Reading brings me joy because it is a peaceful activity where I can explore other worlds and places and meet new characters and animals.



Grade 6

I like this picture because it is of my dog, Mika. Her eyes are full of wonder and she looks eager to learn things.



Grade 3

I like this picture because I love the beach and the sunset so I tried them together and loved it! That's why this picture bring me joy. 


Avia - Grade 7


Student, "Snapshots of Joy"

This picture brings me joy because I love curly hair and wavy hair. The waves in her hair remind me of the beach in Jamaica. I took this picture because somebody's hair can represent them a lot. This picture made me feel everyone should be proud of who they are and what represents them. This picture is called "Waves."


Our Vision

Finding One's Voice provides opportunities for youth to create works of visual art and writing to express ideas, feelings, and beliefs in a constructive manner. The focus is on process rather than product. FOV empowers youth to seek balance and a sense of well-being, to find a calm center in the storm of modern life, and to cultivate compassion and resilience.

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